Deploy, Download, Connect, Take ActionScalabilityAccess to the smart greenhouse services

Deploy, Download, Connect, Take Action

Takes a picture of the greenhouse in real time reveals • Microclimatic data • Processes predictive models • Operates automatically • Warns of the specific events • Imodular • Web data transmission • Easy to use • Malfunctions self-diagnosis • Energy saving • Saved working hours • Safety • High accuracy


The management Ignite Greenhouse system software can automate alert sending via sms or email upon the occurrence of preset events. Ignite Greenhouse allows the greenhouse growers to monitor and adopt measures in real time.

Access to the smart greenhouse services

SignUp and SignIn • Forgot Password • Dashboard - Data Report • Add Remove List Gateway • Add Remove List Node • Rule Configuration Add (View , Edit, Remove) • Actuator Control • Notification Alert with Rule

Greenhouse Application

You can create an account and after register your all Greenhouse kit and use IoT Ignite Services.Its easy!

Watch from Dashboard

You can see Greenhouse nodes values on our dashboard Last values or all value history on timeline chart showing. Its free!

The purpose of the Ignite Ignite Greenhouse is to preserve the balance of the micro-climate in the greenhouse, the most congenial one for different growth stages of flowers, plants, fruit and vegetables.

The needs of a Ignite Greenhouse

Ignite Greenhouse allows to:

  • Maximize the product yeld and quality in order to produce fruits as the market demands (fresh, fleshy, juicy)
  • Automate several processes for energy and worked hours saving
  • Provide scientific data for a sustainable use of plant protection products.

What is Ignite Greenhouse?

Ignite Greenhouse is an advanced control and monitoring system of the microclimatic conditions in the greenhouse.Ignite Greenhouse is suited for those who design greenhouse from the ground or for those who want automate and rationalise an existing greenhouse.Ignite Greenhouse maximizes return of the greenhouse cultivations by reducing the costs of energy needs.

What is IoT-Ignite?

IoT-Ignite is an open IoT development platform. Besides being an IoT backend to store sensor data and trigger alerts, it is an end-user ready platform providing back-end and front-end development that saves valuable engineering time. IoT-Ignite can be seen as an IoT application store where developers can offer their wide range of services to other developers or end users.

Can be used on both iOS and Android

Download application to smart phone. Create an account and through wizard install the Greenhouse kit. After start using the service.